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Smart USB Rechargeable Electric Eye Massager

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Smart USB Rechargeable Electric Eye Massager

Escape into a world of relaxation and rejuvenation with our Smart USB Rechargeable Electric Eye Massager. Designed with premium, skin-friendly flannel, this massager is a safe haven for your eyes, ensuring comfort without the worry of allergies even after prolonged use.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate eye care experience with our innovative Smart Electric Eye Massager. Designed to alleviate eye strain and promote relaxation, our eye massager is tailored to combat the demands of modern life – whether you're tirelessly working, studying for long periods, or constantly on the move.

Key Features

  • Supreme Comfort: Crafted from luxe, high-quality flannel, our eye massager offers a skin-friendly experience, ensuring long-lasting comfort without the worry of allergies.
  •  Customized Massage Modes: Select from two distinct vibration massage settings to alleviate eye strain effectively and nurture your vision with the care it deserves.
  • Therapeutic Hot Compress: With four adjustable temperature levels ranging from 38℃ to 45℃, customize the warmth to your liking for an unrivaled, soothing sensation.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Enhanced with Bluetooth 4.2 technology, immerse yourself in music or audiobooks, transforming your eye care routine into an enriching audio getaway.
  • Smart Timer: The built-in 15-minute auto-timer crafts the perfect interval for eye relaxation, ensuring you receive the optimum benefit without overindulgence.
  • Universal Fit: The ergonomic design adapts seamlessly to various facial contours, coupled with a featherlight weight of just 157g for an unfelt presence on your eyes.
  • Travel-Friendly Design: Flaunting a foldable build, our eye massager is your travel-friendly companion, ready to deliver an on-the-go eye spa wherever life takes you.


  • Material: Premium ABS and Flannel
  • Color: Pristine White
  • Dimensions: 217.52cm
  • Weight: A mere 157g
  • Battery: Robust 500mAh Lithium Battery
  • Charging Duration: Swift 1 hour
  • Usage Time: Prolonged 60-90 minutes

Packing List

  • 1* Eye Massager Host
  • 1* USB Charging Cable
  • 1* English User Manual

Release the tension, refresh your sight, and revitalize your day with our Smart Eye Massager. Elegantly designed and expertly engineered for your ultimate eye relief and satisfaction. Experience the pinnacle of migraine and eye strain relief as you add this exclusive piece to your daily regimen.



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