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7-Bead Multifunctional Massage Roller Ball

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7-Bead Multifunctional Massage Roller Ball Massager

Invigorate your senses and release the strains of the day with our revolutionary 7-Bead Multifunctional Massage Roller Ball Massager. Designed for those who seek relaxation or are on a mission to alleviate muscle soreness and improve overall health, this hand roller massager is a versatile companion for anyone committed to wellness.

Key Features

  • 360° Rotational Relief: With seven rotating steel balls gliding across your skin, target every knot and tension point easily. The balls move fluidly in all directions to mimic the expert hands of a masseuse.
  • Total Body Wellness: Whether it's the stiffness in your shoulders, the aches in your back, or the strain in your calves, this massager's exquisite design is perfect for various body parts. It doesn't just ease discomfort; it also promotes blood circulation and supports a healthier, more vigorous body.
  • Lightweight & Portable: Designed with your active lifestyle in mind, the massager is small enough to bring along anywhere, making relaxation an activity you can indulge in at any moment of the day.
  • Cosmetic Benefits: Not just for soothing sore muscles—regular use can also help diminish inflammation, contribute to weight loss, and even engage in body-shaping endeavors for a more toned appearance.


This massage roller comes in a vibrant green shade, is constructed from durable ABS plastic, and is accented with stainless steel balls, combining durability with style.


  • Color: Green
  • Material: ABS+Steel Balls
  • Size: 10.5 x 9 x 8 cm


  • 1* Chinese and English Packing Box
  • 1* Green Steel Ball Host
  • 1* Chinese Manual

Usage and Care

For those hard-working arms, waists craving for relaxation, or legs that have carried you through thick and thin, follow our simple steps using 2-3 ml of massage oil to melt away the stress:

  • Arms: Glide from the top to the bottom, attending to both the inner and outer sides.
  • Waist: Pinch and stimulate the sides, then roll upwards.
  • Abdomen: Perform circular, clockwise massages.
  • Thighs: Lather them with oil and massage from the knee upward.
  • Buttocks: Focus on areas prone to fat accumulation, moving from bottom to top.
  • Calves: Starting at the ankle, work your way up to the muscular regions.

Cleaning Method

Maintain your hand roller massager with ease using a soft towel and mild detergent for the steel balls. For a deeper clean, remove the balls and soak them for thorough cleaning. Rest assured that any black friction marks are simply normal signs of use.

Reminder: This product is not suitable for pregnant women, children, or those with skin inflammation.


Elevate your massage experience with the Multifunctional Massage Roller Ball Massager, designed to soothe and enhance your overall well-being. Shop now and roll your way to a more relaxed, in-shape you.




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