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Magnetic Therapy Bluetooth Eye Massager To Remove Dark Circle

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Discover the revolutionary Magnetic Therapy Bluetooth eye massager, a state-of-the-art electric eye massage instrument designed to deliver unparalleled relief and beauty benefits. Whether you're an eye care enthusiast, a beauty and wellness seeker, or a tech-savvy individual, this innovative device is your go-to solution for optimal eye health and relaxation.

Key Features and Benefits:

Acupressure Method

Our eye massager boasts 16 independent silicone massage heads strategically placed to target 16 acupuncture points around the eyes. This device effectively alleviates eye fatigue, promotes eye repair, and enhances beauty by leveraging varying strengths and sequences of vibration and kneading massage.

Neodymium Magnetic Therapy

Harnessing the power of neodymium magnets, this massage head device promotes blood circulation across all acupuncture points. This results in the improvement of eye redness, swelling, dryness, eye bags, dark circles, and wrinkles. Experience fast relaxation and relief from eye and head pressure, boosting overall health and relaxation.

Health Massage Mode

Designed with scientific principles of medicine and health in mind, our device offers three unique massage modes:

  • Eye Care Mode: For daily eye health
  • Eye Beauty Mode: To rejuvenate and enhance beauty
  • Sleep Mode: Assisting in headache relief and aiding restful sleep

These modes are meticulously designed to cater to various needs, ensuring a comprehensive eye care regime.

Design Advantages

  • F16 Bluetooth Music: Connect to your favorite tunes while you enjoy a relaxing massage.
  • Visualization Window Design: Offers a clear field of vision during Use.
  • Ultra-Low Weight (265g): Reduces the sense of weight and binding during Use.
  • Japanese Motors: Providing ultra-low silent operation at less than 25 dB.
  • USB Type-C Fast Charging: Fully charge in just 1.5 hours, with each 15-minute session automatically shutting down for safety. Use continuously for up to a week on a single charge.

NEW 360° Floating Rotary Massage

Simulating hand point-to-point magnetic vibration acupoints at 8600 rotations per minute, this feature ensures a more precise and powerful massage than human hands, fully relieving eye fatigue.

Simulated Hand Massage

Combining various massage techniques, this device massages eye acupoints to alleviate a day's worth of eye fatigue.

16 Micromotors and Magnetic Massage Heads

Fitted with environmentally friendly silica gel massage heads, these 16 miniature mascots use an artificial magnetic field to treat and relax the eyes, reducing blood viscosity and enhancing blood circulation, which is beneficial to overall human health.

Three-Layer Middle Shell Design

Strengthened with three layers in the shell design (contactor, motor, chip), this feature ensures long-term stability and high-frequency vibration, making it a durable choice.

Bluetooth Connection

Enjoy a comfortable massage while listening to music via Bluetooth, providing a dual relaxation and entertainment experience.

Large Capacity Polymer Lithium Battery

Equipped with an 1100mAh battery, this device offers long-lasting power and is capable of multiple uses at a single charge.

Visual Window

A comfortable and visible window allows for protection during work and learning, making it convenient for the whole family.

Adjustable Fit

The double-sided sticky belt adjusts freely to accommodate different head circumferences, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.

Effective Eye Fatigue Relief

Consistent Use can improve the micro-electric current loop around the eye, releasing muscle pressure and reducing black circles.

Safe and Convenient

It is made from silicone material for secure, comfortable wear that's easy to clean. The light and portable design makes it easy to carry, fitting easily into a small bag for private eye massages on the go.

Ergonomic Design

Luxury enjoyment with a focus on human engineering design ensures maximum comfort and relaxation.

Why Choose Us?

  • Iron boron magnets massage for enhanced health care.
  • Lens scratch-resistant flowers and nose-fixed eye acupuncture points for precise treatment.
  • Simulated authentic massage with the 15-minute automatic shutdown for safe Use.
  • Convenient double-sided sticky strap and free mobile phone Bluetooth connection.
  • Visualization window and 360° floating rotation for optimal performance.

Experience the Future of Eye Care

Indulge in the ultimate luxury of eye care with the magnetic therapy Bluetooth eye massager. Designed with precision and care, this device promises to bring you unparalleled relaxation, beauty, and health benefits. Treat yourself to the best in eye care technology and experience a world of difference.



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