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Electric Neck Massager for Lifting and Firming Face

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Electric Neck Massager Neck Beauty Instrument Neckline

Elevate your skincare routine to professional heights with the Electric Neck Massager & Neck Beauty Instrument—a groundbreaking device that redefines skincare and beauty treatments. Tailored for beauty enthusiasts, skincare fanatics, and on-the-go professionals, this innovative tool promises to deliver spa-quality results in the comfort of your home or anywhere you may be.

Key Features and Benefits

Sonic Vibration Technology

Experience the power of 10,000 sonic vibrations per minute that promote the absorption of nutrient essence from your favorite skincare products. This advanced technology enhances the efficacy of your skincare routine, providing comprehensive care for both neck and facial skin. Say goodbye to dull skin and hello to a radiant, youthful glow.

Lifting and Firming Effects

The Electric Neck Massager lifts the skin, tightens facial contours, and fades fine lines and wrinkles. Create the beautiful swan neck you’ve always desired while enjoying the benefits of firming and rejuvenation. This multi-functional device is designed to reduce necklines, nasolabial folds, and forehead wrinkles, offering an all-in-one solution for a more youthful appearance.

Dolphin Bionic Design

Inspired by the elegant contours of a dolphin, this beauty instrument perfectly fits the neck and facial curves. Its three-dimensional curved arc reaches deep into the neck, delivering a full range of skin massage. The ergonomic design ensures that every inch of your skin is treated with care, enhancing comfort and effectiveness.

Compact and Lightweight

Weighing only 74g (with battery) and featuring a compact size (1296cm), this neck groomer is easy to carry around. Whether you’re traveling or at home, enjoy beauty treatments anytime, anywhere. Its sleek design makes it a perfect addition to your beauty arsenal.

High-Frequency Micro-Vibration

Through the electro-ionic decomposition of nutrients, this device enhances the efficiency of nutrient absorption. Used in conjunction with essential oils or skincare products, it doubles the effect, ensuring your skin receives the maximum benefit from each treatment.

Multi-Purpose, Multi-Function Care

  • Reduce Neck Lines: Smooth out those unsightly necklines for a more youthful appearance.
  • Reduce Nasolabial Folds: Target smile lines effectively, giving you a fresher look.
  • Reduce Forehead Wrinkles: Achieve a smoother forehead, reducing the signs of aging.
  • Lifting and Firming: Tighten and firm your skin for a more defined facial contour.


  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Black/White
  • Output Power: 0.6W
  • Rated Voltage: DC3V
  • Net Weight: 74g (with battery), 62g (without battery)
  • Product Size: 1296cm
  • Package Size: 15.511.56cm

What’s Included

  • 1* Neck Beauty Instrument
  • 1* Packing Box

Discover the Future of Skincare

The Electric Neck Massager & Neck Beauty Instrument is not just a device; it’s a revolution in skincare. Combining advanced technology with thoughtful design, it provides a holistic approach to beauty that is both effective and convenient. Elevate your skincare routine to new heights and experience professional-level results that speak for themselves.

Ready to Transform Your Skin?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your beauty regimen. Invest in the Electric Neck Massager & Neck Beauty Instrument today and take the first step towards a more radiant, youthful you.



Material: ABS
Color: black/white
Output power: 0.6W
Rated voltage: DC3V
Net weight: 74g (with battery), 62g (without battery)
Product Size: 12*9*6cm
Package size: 15.5*11.5*6cm

Package Included:

1*Neck Beauty Instrument
1* Packing Box


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